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At Little Legs we are proud to offer a unique service to support your journey into parenthood and beyond – whether it’s antenatal support, baby massage courses, baby and toddler yoga classes, Zumbini or mindfulness and yoga for children – we are flexible around your entire family’s needs. Our classes and workshops promote health and wellbeing for the whole family through relaxation, bonding, music and numerous other ways that help you to communicate with your little one on a deeper level. We pride ourselves on our small, friendly classes that provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for the whole family.   

"At Little Legs, we believe in being happy for no reason - it's how the happiest memories are made."

Little Legs Class List

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Our Courses – special memories for the whole family

Baby Massage


Our Baby Massage in Nottingham courses offer a relaxing way to bond with your baby, without distraction, through gentle, affectionate touch and eye contact.  

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Baby Yoga


Our fun and friendly Baby Yoga classes offer a unique twist on authentic yoga movement – all postures are adapted so that you can do them with your baby. Strengthening and revitalising for grown-ups, soothing and calming for baby.  

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Toddler and Pre-school Kids' Yoga


When children learn yoga at a young age, the benefits ripple out into their  everyday life activities. Our sensory and yoga-inspired programme is a  great way of introducing toddlers (18 months to 3 years old) and  pre-school aged children (3-5 years old) to exploring and learning in a  playful way through a carefully thought-out series of yoga stretches and  movements, accompanied by stories, songs and relaxation.

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Mindfulness and Yoga for Children Workshops


This popular workshop includes simple  physical stretches and postures to increase strength, balance and  coordination. By using the breath to ease any stress or anxiety your  child may be experiencing, the practice of mindfulness will help them to  focus on the present moment as they are guided through a series of  exercises to manage their thoughts and feelings.

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Happy hour for you and your baby. Sing, dance and play as you bond with your child.

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Postnatal Yoga


Practise restorative and relaxing yoga postures while bonding with baby, and enjoying the supportive social element of the class.  These sessions focus on rebuilding 3 main areas: the back, the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor.  

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Paediatric First Aid Awareness


Recommended by OFSTED and designed for people who look after babies and children.

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