About Toddler and Pre-school Kids' Yoga



An ideal continuation from Baby Yoga, our Toddler and Pre-school Kids’ Yoga course is designed to support the transition from babyhood to more independent forms of self-expression.  With a strong emphasis on child development, this course is designed with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind and can help to support language, communication and literacy though physical movement, mathematics through counting and making yoga-inspired shapes with the body, as well as understanding the world through fun, inspiring sensory play.

What are the benefits of Toddler and Pre-school Kids’ Yoga?


Toddlers can derive enormous benefits from practising yoga:

· Promotes strength, flexibility and balance

· Improves concentration and focus

· Helps manage stress through breathing

· Develops body coordination and balance

· Encourages motor development

· Creates a positive mindset

· The flow between body and mind helps build confidence

· Teaches self-awareness and a sense of responsibility

· Supports mental health by focusing on nurturing a positive mindset

· Fosters a strong belief in the importance of relaxation and being still

What to expect from a Little Legs Toddler and Pre-school Kids’ Yoga course:


· A course that weaves yoga-inspired poses and sensory play into songs as well as traditional and modern stories, making it fun and engaging for both children and parents

· Themes and activities that support the Early Years Foundation Stage and encourage key developmental milestones

· Active participation in popular stories such as Dear Zoo, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, as well as a number of Julia Donaldson favourites to deepen children’s understanding of the story while moving their bodies in a healthy and joyous way 

· Introduction of new postures each week, giving children the chance to move their bodies in different ways and feel a sense of achievement as they master the movements 

· A step-by-step guide to the stages of a pose to enable children to focus on correct body alignment and get a better sense of how the body functions

· Breathing techniques and ways to focus the mind which can be applied to the children’s everyday lives and help them react appropriately to the different situations they encounter

· Dedicated relaxation time at the end of every class – it takes practice for little minds to be calm when they are used to jumping from one activity to the next, so we take time to learn to relax and slow down.

Toddler and Pre-school Kids’ Yoga courses – price information

Five 60-minute sessions held at one of our venues  around Nottinghamshire  £40 

· All participants will receive a Little Legs loyalty card ­– collect 5 stamps within 3 months, and get the 6th session for FREE!

  • Drop-ins are welcome (space permitting)   £8.50 per session    
  • Suitable for toddlers aged 18 months – 3 years old and pre-school children aged 3-5 
  • To make a booking, click ‘Make a Booking’ or call Kirstie on 07957 234474

If you have any questions or require any further information about Toddler and Pre-school Yoga, please contact Kirstie directly on 07957 234474.