About Mindfulness for Children Training Programme



The human mind is easily distracted, and none more so in children, so there is an obvious benefit to increasing focus through exercises that enable them to become more mindful in a fun and caring way. Not only does a mindfulness practice help children to understand what they are doing in a deeper way, but it also helps them experience life to the fullest.

Schools have the freedom to provide activities, which they consider best meet their pupils’ health and wellbeing needs. They are best placed to decide what is suitable to offer to their pupils.

“To support such decisions the Department for Education is looking to generate more evidence on what works in school settings. DfE is funding randomised control trials to produce independent, robust evidence into the effectiveness of five different approaches, including mindfulness, relaxation, and strategies for safety and wellbeing. All the approaches are being tested for their effectiveness in helping young people understand and manage their own emotional wellbeing.”

Department for Education

The Little Legs Mindfulness for Children programme has been written to provide a thorough understanding of mindfulness, as well as the benefits to ourselves and our children; it has been written to make mindfulness practice a modern, engaging and fun experience for both children and those teaching it. 


This programme offers six face-to-face half day sessions at your school, introducing Mindfulness as well as face-to-face Mindfulness sessions with classes within your school. Practical sessions delivered by the Mindfulness practitioner will focus on personal development, confidence building, leadership, conflict management and managing emotions with online module training, gap tasks, reflections and online assessments to gain accreditation as a Mindfulness Instructor, enabling your school to have the skills to develop and deliver a Mindfulness programme of your own to your students.

Session 1: Half day introduction to Mindfulness, introducing the course and the modules within. Explaining the online programme, assignments and assessment area and going through the timetable of the programme, expectations and requirements to receive accreditation.

Sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5: Practical half day workshops with the Mindfulness instructor delivering sessions to a group of children within the school to highlight and reinforce the practicalities of delivering a Mindfulness programme to students, supported by the modules within the online programme. How these sessions are timetabled can be discussed and decided between the trainer and the school.

Session 6: Celebration final session – all participants will deliver a Mindfulness session of their own design, with instructor on hand to offer support, giving them the chance to consolidate all their learning and showcase their new skills! Sessions are arranged to fit in with the school timetable. 

Please note: The online programme and modules can be started and assessments can be done any time after session 1. In order to receive accreditation, delegates must attend all face-to-face practical sessions and the online programme and assessments must be completed within 3 months of the introductory day. 

How will this benefit me?

Through successful completion of the programme, participants will gain insight into:

  • · What mindfulness is, and where it all comes from
  • · How children can practise mindfulness, and how they can benefit from it
  • · Practical mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • · Other simple exercises, which are ideal for both adults and children
  • · The brain and its ability to create new neural pathways to adapt
  • · How the mind takes on new information and develops with us
  • · How it is possible to change patterns of thinking through mindfulness practices
  • · Accreditation as a Mindfulness Instructor within your school
  • · Diploma in Mindfulness Practice for Children  – Approved by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International) and CPD 

Price Information

The course is designed for up to 10 participants.

All participants will attend the half-day introductory session; the remaining half-day practical workshops will be carried out at the convenience of the school’s teaching schedule.

Costs are negotiable and dependent on how many participants please get in touch to discuss

Discounted packages available for larger groups


How do I get involved?

To get involved in this opportunity to develop Mindfulness practitioners within your school and help children experience life to the fullest, please contact Kirstie at Kirstie@littlelegsltd.co.uk, admin@littlelegsltd.co.uk or complete the online form here to register your interest