About Mindfulness and Yoga for Children



Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness practice. Habits formed early in life influence behaviours in adulthood, and with mindfulness, we have the opportunity to give our children the habit of being peaceful, kind and accepting. 

Our Mindfulness and Yoga for Children workshops have been designed to support children who may struggle to switch off or find it hard to wind down at the end of the day. Offering numerous techniques for improving concentration and focus, the course is also structured to encourage children to express their feelings more openly.

Mindfulness gives children the beauty of being in the present moment.

What to expect from a Little Legs Mindfulness and Yoga workshop:


· Yoga postures that improve strength, stamina and flexibility

· Balances to improve children’s ability to focus, concentrate and perform to their full potential 

· Breathing techniques to improve the strength and capacity of the lungs, and raise awareness about the way we breathe

· Relaxation techniques that show children how to maintain self-control and stay calm in stressful situations

· ‘SATs mindfulness programme’ specifically designed to help children deal with the pressure and stress associated with taking tests

· Positive affirmations – the use of short, simple positive statements to help replace any negative thought patterns

· Relaxation and visualisation to help children recognise the difference between when they feel tense and when they feel calm

· Activities that nurture compassion, focus, curiosity and empathy

· Gemstones – used as a focal point and a reminder to breathe deeply and slowly, allowing the mind and body to relax and focus on a task

· Worry balloons – used as a tool to encourage the children to release their worries, stress, and any concerns that they may have as the balloon floats away

· Exploring the senses to encourage concentration and focus.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness for Children?


· Builds flexibility, strength and stamina

· Breathing exercises strengthen and tone the lungs

· Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem

· Postures massage the internal organs, which promotes a healthier inner body

· Develops a calm and balanced emotional state

· Minimises anxiety and increases happiness 

· Techniques enable children to remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations

· Stimulates imagination and creativity 

· Improves concentration, memory and general ability to focus

· Promotes better sleep

Mindfulness and Yoga for Children workshops – price information

Five 60-minute sessions held at one of our venues across Nottinghamshire (including primary schools) 

 £5 per child for each session

· Suitable for children aged 6-12

· To book a place, click ‘Make a Booking’ or call Kirstie on 07957 234474.

If you think your child’s primary school may be interested in running a course, or you have any other questions about Mindfulness and Yoga workshops, please contact Kirstie directly on 07957 234474.