Baby Massage

What is baby massage?


 Before babies learn to speak, one of the key ways you can communicate with your child is through touch. Baby massage is one of the earliest – and easiest – things you can do for your baby, and it’s a great way to bond.   Positive, loving touch – like that used in baby massage – has been proven to have a substantial physical, emotional, mental and social benefit to babies who are regularly massaged by their parents/caregivers.   Bonding with your baby can take time and doesn't always happen easily. The bonding experience can be encouraged through touch, through spending quality time together and through eye-to-eye contact with your baby. Baby massage can play a vital role in this process, particularly if you've struggled due to postnatal depression, an early baby or medical problems. It's a great thing for dads to learn too, especially if mum is breastfeeding and he feels left out.  

What are the benefits of baby massage?


  •  Promotes parent-child attachment, communicating feelings of love, care and respect 
  • Can ease the symptoms of colds, colic, constipation and teething 
  • Stimulates digestion, increases circulation, boosts immunity 
  • Prepares your baby’s body for a deeper, more restful sleep 
  • Offers multi-sensory stimulation 
  • Assists with milk production in breastfeeding mums 
  • Massage can help babies who are premature and those with disabilities too, improving muscle tone and stimulating growth hormones    

What to expect from a Little Legs Baby Massage course:


  • All of our classes are baby-led, which means that baby has the choice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the massage, with no pressure placed on parent or baby 
  • Each session will build up slowly to a full head-to-toe massage for baby  
  • Expert tuition from a Baby & Beyond qualified Infant Massage teacher
  • Small, friendly class groups of no more than 10 parents and babies      
  • A bottle of oil for massages
  • A massage booklet and weekly hand-outs (so you can continue what you learn at home)
  • Online support 
  • Paediatric First Aid Awareness
  • Refreshments and time for a chat after each class
  • Certificate of Attendance for baby at the end of the course
  • Stress-free, relaxed and comfortable venues, where you can unwind with your baby, as well as meet other parents and their babies  · The opportunity to have your classes at home, either one-to-one or with a group of friends  


Baby Massage courses – price information

  •  5 one-hour sessions held at one of our venues around Nottinghamshire £40 (includes  Paediatric First Aid Awareness) 

  • 4 one-hour sessions held at your home   £50    *Please contact us directly to book dates and times for your course*

  • We advise that babies are over 4 weeks old when they start a course; they can join us any time before they begin to actively crawl.